Robin Huang

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Robin Huang has been a pivotal Senior Lawyer at Sabelberg Morcos Lawyers since 2013. He has graduated from an extensive range of academic programs such as; Bachelor of Science at Monash University, Juris Doctor at RMIT and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practices at Leo Cussen Centre of Law. Through his academic achievements he has become very passionate about achieving the best results for his clients and ensuring that individuals receive their legal entitlements in regard to Property Law.

Robin believes that his greatest achievements are the balance of professional and personal goals. His extensive education through his personal and professional career involve research skills and resourcefulness that can be used throughout the legal field but can also be applied into your everyday life. Through his excellent research skills he consistently aims to achieve timely settlements, better terms for agreements and receipt of their legal entitlements. It has been noted on various occasions that Robin demonstrates smooth and professional transactions.

Robin has worked alongside property vendors and purchases and has successfully achieved the outcomes that they desire. If money were no object for Robin, he would continue the same duties with fewer office hours.