Maryam Mekhail

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Maryam has been an integral member of Sabelberg Morcos Lawyers (SML) since 2014. She is an exemplary Lawyer, having obtained a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (majoring in Management) from La Trobe University. She has extensive knowledge in wills and estates and immigration law, and is deeply interested in criminal law and animal law.

In 2017, Maryam studied Chinese Law  at Shanghai University, as part of La Trobe University’s study abroad program, exploring the various differences and similarities between Chinese and Australian Law.

During her time at SML, she has demonstrated an extensive range of knowledge, skills and experience to provide relief for clients whilst advocating for human rights. Maryam’s clients have applauded her on her exceptional presentation, interpersonal skills and attention to detail. Maryam’s external hobbies include volunteering for Non for Profit Organisations in order to provide legal assistance that are not otherwise accessible or available to vulnerable individuals.