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Jimmy Morcos is one of the pillars at Sabelberg Morcos Lawyers (SML). He began his career at SML (formerly known as Frank Sabelberg Lawyers) in September 2005 as an articled clerk/paralegal. In the same year he was admitted as an Australian Migration Agent and in September 2007 he was admitted as an Australian Lawyer and Officer of the Supreme Court. In June 2009, Jimmy was given the opportunity to be made Partner of the firm and in February 2012, he entered the Register of Practitioners of the High Court of Australia. In 2017 through his hard work and dedication, Jimmy became Managing Partner of Sabelberg Morcos Lawyers.

As a Managing Partner, Jimmy has decided to further strengthen his education and enhance his managerial skills by studying at Melbourne University, with a Senior Executive MBA. Through his exceptional education, he seeks to solidify the growth of the firm and advance its relevance for many years to come.

Based on his unique knowledge and legal skills, he works primarily alongside foreign investment clients. Whilst, his profound experience in immigration and commercial law matters enables him to work in mergers, acquisitions and intellectual property.

As a Partner of the firm for over 9 years, Jimmy has been exposed to an array of difficult matters. This has given him the opportunity to liaise with countless individuals in influential positions, including: Federal Ministers, Councilors, Tribunal Members, Governmental Authorities, Court Authorities, and Company Directors.

Jimmy always takes on a challenge and thrives on matters that are of a complex nature whilst working towards a successful solution for our clients. His enthusiasm in managing the growth of SML whilst establishing our offices abroad gives Jimmy a sense of gratification that our assistance will now be available to individuals worldwide. Sabelberg Morcos Lawyers brings a unique family culture and mentoring to our junior staff in developing them into experienced professionals.

“I feel very humbled and privileged to be given the opportunities in life to be able to manage a law firm in the heart of Melbourne CBD. My biggest accomplishment is not my education or my credentials, but the privilege of interacting with so many great people over the years that has developed me into the person I am today. You can never stop learning from people that you choose to interact with. I owe a lot to my father who from my childhood up until today has been my inspiration and mentor. I have also had the privilege of being mentored professionally by two very strong individuals as I was developing as a lawyer, Frank Sabelberg and the late Harold Jones.”

Jimmy believes that, hard work will always be rewarded and also applies this to his family at home. Although Jimmy is a goal oriented individual his dreams have not stopped there, he pursues to one day attend sporting events around the world such as, the World Cup and the Super bowl with his wife and children. Through his succession he wants to help those in need whom are facing prosecution around the globe and are seeking refuge within Australia. With children of his own it pains Jimmy in his capacity as a Lawyer and a Father to be exposed to awful experiences that children worldwide are facing today, he wants to ensure through time there will one-day be a safe place for all.

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